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Upcoming Perth Soil & Crop Association Events

Farming events are a great way to meet fellow seed growers and farmers and stay on top of all the latest news and advancements in your industry. The Perth Soil and Crop Association offers a list of events to help you schedule them into your calendar. Visit for a list of current events.

Perth SCIA Twilight Tour

Please join us at the Perth Demo Farm for our Perth SCIA Twilight Tour. The farm is located north of Mitchell on Perth Line 44, across from Huron Tractor.

Schedule of Events:

5:30 PM:  Bacon on a Bun

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM:  Guest Speaker Stations

8:00 PM:  Wrap Up

Admission is $10.00 for both members and non-members

Twilight Tour Guest Speakers:

Peter Johnson – Real Agriculture Agronomist

Horst Bohner – OMAFRA Soybean Specialist

Ben Rosser – OMAFRA Corn Specialist

Jake Monroe – OMAFRA Soil Fertility Speciailist

Stefan Zehetmer – Huron Cover Crops Owner

Check out the team packaging cover crop sample giveaways at the Twilight meeting!

Perth SCIA Twilight Tour

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