Representing Farmers in Perth County

Soil and Crop Initiatives in Perth County

Typically eight times a year, Perth Soil and Crop Association holds a meeting to discuss community events and agricultural news. The executive is voted on annually by all members of the associations. Currently, Bill Miller sits as President of Perth Soil and Crop with Thelma Smith as secretary. Below is a list of the board of directors. All executives own and operate farms within Perth County. In addition to their own community projects, Perth Soil and Crop Association supports 4H with any soil and crop initiatives.


  • Patrick Miller
  • Cain Templeman
  • Ivan Roobroeck
  • Tina Beirnes
  • John Poel
  • James McLagan
  • Kaye McLagan
  • Horst Bohner (OMAFRA)
  • Charlie Dunsmore
  • Rob Templeman


  • Thelma Smith

In addition to our work in Perth County, we host the Forage Expo in southwest Ontario.

Mission Statement

To facilitate responsible economic management of soil, water, air and crops through development and communication of innovative farming practices.

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